Monday, December 7, 2009

The Easiest Way to try Linux

I have commented on a variety of different ways to get started with a free operating system and some ways to even have a free computer.

That being said, this has to be the easiest way to get started using Linux from Window's XP.

Go to my thread here and download this exe file (Window's installation program). The download works great with either Internet Explorer or Firefox 3.5, but it may ask for a password if you use a different browser. My thread has suggestions on ways around that or just try one of those two browsers.

If you run it you will have Puppy Linux 4.3.1 installed on your computer. Just like that.

It doesn't change anything about your Window's XP installation (that is the version of Window's it has been tested on) and, if you don't want it for whatever reason, just go to Window's Add/remove software and remove it.

What it does: this program adds a folder in Windows for Puppy Linux, what's called a "frugal install." This puts Puppy's needed files in that folder (around 100MB). The program also modifies Window's bootloader file (it adds one line to the file). This allows that the next time your reboot you will then have the option to run either Window's or Puppy.

You pick. Boot up, run the operating system you want. If you run Puppy it will just do all you want it to, then you can either save the settings or don't save (saving it will create a save file that Puppy will then use the next time you run it).

Doesn't get much easier than that.

(the picture at the top of this post is one of my current Puppy Linux desktops. Takes a couple of seconds and you can modify your desktop however you want)