Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Goodwill for Computer Parts

Ever donated anything to Goodwill? Ever bought a pc there?

I've visited our located Goodwill branch that has a computer area many times. I have been very impressed over the years with what I've found there. Of course, everything is as is, but if I can find things like an all in one printer/copier/scanner for $30 then, to me, it's worth the risk (it works great, by the way).

Go to your Goodwill computer store if you have one nearby and makes friends with the clerk behind the counter. They are usually volunteers and can frequently cue you in on where the best deals are, what is still in it's original package, etc.

Or check their online sales out at sites like

Here's how you could take advantage of this, even if you didn't have any computer experience.
1. Just go over there, find a pc that looks good and take your chances. Or...
2. Tell all your friends you take old computer parts. Invariably you'll get a pc that has something piddly wrong with it (frequently a virus or damaged hard drive or something) but is otherwise perfectly functional. Go to Goodwill, buy a new hard drive (or whatever is needed as a broken part) then find what looks like that in the pc you have and replace it. For $10-$20 you could very easily have a working pc. No good operating system on that? As mentioned in other posts, slap a good Linux on there, then cheap new pc for you!

There are many ways to get a cheap computer out there and get online. Research a little and begin surfing!

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