Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Follow Up on the Pentium II PC

This is just a follow up of the last post.

I was having issues with the fact that the computer would start off great with my internet connection, but then it would lose it after about five minutes. I tried a variety of adjustments, software, etc. but just couldn't keep the connection.

So, another Linux freedom kicked in and I applied it: the ability to start over with a different version/distribution (distro).

I finally got smart and picked PCFluxboxOS's TinyMe distro. Still fluxbox, but this had the core of PCLinuxOS in it. So, reinstalled, opened the PCLinuxOS Control Center (PCC), under setup and followed the prompts to set up a new network connection. Still picked ndiswrapper (the Linux driver doesn't seem to work as well with this Belkin device) but it was very easy to do. After picking ndiswrapper, it (PCC) told me to put in the cd, which I did, then it set it up for me. Very easy.

So, the final choice in Linux for this Belkin device was PCFluxboxOS. Check it out.

Oh, and special prop's to the forum: the most helpful Linux forum I have encountered. Very helpful, very friendly.

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