Friday, November 2, 2007

Inexpensive PC's

This is somewhat of an impromptu blog today started because I wanted to notify everyone about some of the very inexpensive items that I've seen on the market today.

First of all, these pc's have good operating systems. They may not be the more commercial products that you are used to, but they also aren't the expensive resource hog operating systems that you've used in the past either. I've already spoken about alternative operating systems, so check out other posts, but don't let the different OS's hinder you from purchasing one of these great PC deals.

1. Walmart is coming out with a PC for just under $200. You can find it here or you can go to your nearest Walmart and check it out. It is running the gOS operating system, one that there isn't much information about on the market, but it looks just fine, especially for most of us that do a little surfing the internet and use there computers for that.

As mentioned in other posts, almost anything can be done via the internet, more ideas to come later. The key is to be able to get on the internet in the least expensive most logical way possible. This may be a great choice for you.

Here is another alternative...

2. Found on the Amazon site, it features a Linspire system which is a great OS to use for virtually any of your surfing/internet tasks and ideas. Also use the Amazon search bar in the left hand column to find other Linux PC ideas...I also saw a laptop there for under $500 just briefly looking around.

Check out these deals and they may the key to getting you on the internet in the most effective way possible. More ideas on what to do with your documents, games, files and etc. to come in future blog posts.

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