Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Free Bookmarking Ideas

Ok, you travel from computer to computer, and you are more and more trying to store all of your information online.

But the problem is you find a link you like so you bookmark it. But if you are on one computer, you can't access that bookmark on a different computer.

Unless you use one of these free tools.

Of course, my favorite is http://del.icio.us . First of all, you register for free, then you can save all your bookmarks there. Many, many people already use del.icio.us for almost all of their bookmarking needs. In fact, if you already use del.icio.us, please feel free to tag us by using the tag button in the top part of the left hand column. ;-)

But one of the things that I like most about del.icio.us is that you can see what others are posting, especially the most popular posts. So, not only can you check your favorite bookmarks, but you can see what others consider cool, check out the link yourself, then save it also if you want. Very helpful to find all sorts of things. You can search for various tags and find a much more specific list of websites than just the normal search on the search engine can produce.

But there are other ways to bookmark your stuff and take it with you.

Check out the bookmarking freeware on snapfiles. Snapfiles is great for all sorts of free and shareware, but I came across this list of freeware just today when looking for bookmarking utilities. Using a flash-drive/pen-drive, you can use any one of these helpful tools to set up your bookmarks on the drive. Then, when you are ready to use another computer, take the drive with you and you are good to go on the computer of your choice. If you need to, search for a flash drive using the amazon link to the left.

Probably some combination of web service bookmarking (like del.icio.us) and the flash drive bookmarking may be best for most people that are migrating their lives towards the web. In using the search tools in del.icio.us, the bookmarking and adding a flash drive for additional bookmarks pretty much all of your useful links can follow you around where ever you need to go.

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